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Has your life been ridin' kinda rough?

Do any of these shitty characteristics sound a bit too familiar?

Do you suffer from emotional instability due to external circumstances like money and the general state of the world? Basically, are you an anxious af cuz life is just fuckin NUTS?

Is your life boring and repetitive or damn near depressive due to an unfulfilling routine and a debilitating need for safety and security?

Are you having chronic relationship issues? Do you have difficulty saying NO to loved ones for fear of backlash? Is your love life riddled with stories of shitty, emotionally stunted lovers cuz you’re too damn nice?

Have you been feeling small and powerless, like a VICTIM??

Have you been stagnant in your personal growth and expansion? Are spending more time in confusion than clarity, living unaligned with your purpose and feeling unfulfilled?

Do you have a desire to be more and give more but your cup is damn near dry already? Are you STILL trying to give from a dry cup and burning yourself out wit yo goofy ass??

What if you could make the journey smoother and more enjoyable?

What if you could trade your shitty, self-sabotaging characteristics for these SHINY new EMPOWERING ones?

Certainty - emotional stability in even the harshest of shit storms. You become the eye of the hurricane and bring people in to your peace instead of accepting their bullshit vibe

Variety - authenticity, freedom of expressionand the courage to follow your Spirit's spontanaeous intuitive guidance

Connection - to all, both physical and non

Significance - one of the few people actually living as a SPIRIT having a HUMAN experience

Growth - embodying the legendary "higher self" and creating an impenetrable spiritual foundation

Contribution - leadership, impact, influence

Well guess what?

Muthafuckin' Monk school is now in session!

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The Covert Congregation for Folks That Meditate and Say Fuck A Lot

Trill Temple is the 90 day mf monk training group designed to help you become more muthafuckin monk-like.

Lemme break it down for ya...

There’s "Muthafuckin’" and all it's variations, like when you shake ya head and just be like “This mufucka here.” This can be meant to convey pretty much ANY emotion.

It could be in amusement after a friend says something ridiculous.

It could be in anger as some mufucka won’t let you in in heavy traffic.

It can be in approval in reference to your significant other and their choice of outfit for yall date.

Muthafuckin’ represents the wiiiiiide variety of fluctuating emotions, which are a part of being human.

I aint perfect, I’ve experienced a life that has shaped my personality outside of the consistent vibe of my Soul and given me habits that have inhibited my flow with Life, but have also given me a unique perspective. While I respect my Ego maintaining a steady alignment to my Soul and allowing that voice to guide me is my TOP priority.

Then there’s the Monk part, the Higher Self, the part that is LOVE LIGHT AND LITNESS on the SOUL level, the TRILL AUTHENTIC SELF.

This is the infinite non-physical part of us that connects us to all energy and doesn’t suffer from the density of the physical body and therefore only knows the highest vibes, emotions of joy and happiness and passion.

This part is constantly reaching out to you to come back towards the LIGHT when you’re focus is fucked up and you can’t see the bigger picture.

As the Muthafuckin Monk, it's my top priority to understand what it REALLY means to live as a Spirit having a Human experience.

In order to do this, we have to identify more with the formless as opposed to the formed, the physical, the limited "small self" while we still allow the formless to move through physical to help us create the reality we want to experience.

I help folks like yourself do this with my system for reinforcing the Spiritual foundation, The Tetrad of Trill.

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After working with hundreds of people on emotional independence and cultivating inner peace, I’ve come to create a four-point concept called The Tetrad of Trill, tetrad being a term for four and trill meaning true and real, authentic in the sense that you are a spirit having a human experience and the spirit is the TRILLEST self.

Living as your TRILLEST self and moving from that perspective you become the energetic influencer instead of the emotionally influenced, you take energetic control of your life, which is important cuz everything in EXISTENCE starts as energy and you start to SHINE like the muthafuckin’ SUN!

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Your BELIEFS are thoughts you repeat over and over. Your thoughts dictate our emotions and your emotions dictate your actions, and the combination of thoughts and actions create your reality.

Aside from the actions you take, your thoughts also dictate the energy of the situations or opportunities that arise in your life: the energy you emit accumulates until it comes to fruition in the physical reality, and the physical manifestations carry the energy they were created with.

Most people have adopted the belief that their emotional wants and needs take a backseat for others, and this people pleasing mentality has allowed other people to shape YOUR reality, both through your actions and your emotions. This faulty BELIEF system is the root of your baby shit-soft boundaries and you living an inauthentic, insignificant, inferior life.

During this first quarter, we uproot the weeds, the weak ass beliefs that have had you out here on some fake shit for damn near forever and make some key, life-enhancing perspective shifts.


Replacing limiting beliefs with beliefs more conducive for success/joy

So you can:

-Stop living out the same shitty thought patterns that diminish you in the first place, shitty programming

-Instill new beliefs that will empower and invigorate you

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Your EGO is here to give you a unique experience but most folks' egos are too weak, which is why they fold when pressed by stronger emotions. These emotions connect with similar energy lingering from past experiences and that makes it even easier for them to take hold.

The EGO is your unique personality and determines your strengths. Where your SOUL is your connection to everyone else, your EGO is your own specific creation. Ego is IDENTITY, and without a strong EGO you can't be an effective leader or live the life you were TRULY meant to live. You're just living a copy of whichever mufucka the mufuckas you got your initial BELIEFS from. You really been a mufuckin' CLONE out here, but I got you!

Here's where we shatter your old, detrimental self-image built on perceived weakness and reforge your identity based on your strengths.


Strengthening ego via boundary creation and strengths inventory

So you can:

-strengthen your boundaries

-understand your strengths

-Creating an air of less give a fuckness! Solid boundaries keep bullshit opinions OUT, and if you don’t entertain thoughts that make you upset you don’t get upset!

-Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries with yourself and others. You should be able to say no to your closest loved ones without fear of backlash.

-Asserting yourself to go for what you want and putting your muthafuckin’ foot down instead of accepting less than you deserve.

-Making your needs known and being heard. Closed mouths don’t get fed, and if you don’t tell people how to treat you they’ll treat you any kind of way.

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“You must be shapeless, formless, like water." - Bruce Lee

Your SOUL is the reason we’re all empathic. It’s the part of us that connects us to each other, the infinite positive energy flowing through everything in existence.

The SOUL is the non-physical/energetic self that expresses through your EGO. In order to express yourself to the fullest and fulfill your purpose, your EGO needs to be strong enough to reinforce your boundaries. When you know who you TRULY are, an INFINITE SPIRIT having a HUMAN experience, your confidence grows exponentially.

During this portion we'll be focused on getting to know yourself as the higher-self. You NEED to consistently identify with the formless vs the physical.


Ingraining the idea that you are more than human, tapping into your non-physical, energetic self

So you can:

-gain confidence in the greater portion of your energy

-Cultivating a stronger relationship between you and your Soul or Higher Self or Inner Being or whatever ya call it! In order to follow your higher calling you need stronger boundaries to keep out the small insignificant voices!

-Reject the FEAR of JUDGEMENT and regaining the ability to be your TRILL, AUTHENTIC SELF!

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"SHINE like the MUTHAFUCKIN SUN!" - ActionMF Jackson

Ego ∞ Soul Integration is the practice of consciously projecting your SOUL out into the world through your EGO. This is where you flip the script and go from emotional pushover to ENERGETIC POWERHOUSE!

The majority of people are overly sensitive and subject to other people's energy. The EMPOWERED empath INFLUENCES other peoples energy positively and is a true spiritual leader, guiding by shining their own light in their own unique way.

The pinnacle of the Tetrad, this final three weeks is where you learn to consciously integrate your physical and non-physical presence to become the exact opposite of the average emotional pushover, emitting your unique energy and influencing others rather than being a victim and absorbing whatever bullshit energy is floating around at any given time!


Learning to express your highest self via your personality self

So you can:

-Have more influence in the world as your most powerful self

-Finding the confidence to stand up for your authentic voice and to build and create the things you want to express both your infinite soul and your own unique personality during your time on Earth.

Enrollment comes with...

Access to Trill Temple for THREE months - we meet every Sunday to discuss The Tetrad of Trill and any other matters of spiritual expansion pretaining to you and the other members personal journeys. This is what's known as the transferrence of gizdom, gizdom being game and wisdom. Calls will be recorded.

FOUR private coaching sessions - deep dive on the pillars of the Tetrad based on your own personal experience in privacy. Calls will be recorded for personal use.

Authentic Authorship coaching - to establish your new leadership identity with the masses and create a foundation for your own spiritual leadership brand. You WILL have a book to support your message by the end of your enrollment

Fitness shit - HIIT Am

Disciples of The Muthafuckin' Monk

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Your Trill Temple tuition will run you one payment of $2000 (USD) or three monthly payments of $750 (USD).

Because this is a rough draft of the program, I'm offering tuition for 50% off for the first TWELVE to enroll up to SEPTEMBER 1ST. After the alotted date the 50% off deal will EXPIRE and the cost will be up to one payment of $4000 (USD) or three monthly payments of $1400 (USD).

Trill Temple will be limited to 12 disciples every THREE months.

I offer a full money-back guarantee for all purchases made. If you are not satisfied with the product that you have purchased, you can get your money back no questions asked.

You are eligible for a full reimbursement within 14 calendar days of your purchase.

After the 14-day period you will no longer be eligible and won't be able to receive a refund.

If you have any additional questions or would like to request a refund, feel free to contact me at ActionMF@ActionMF.com!

Final CTA

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ActionMF Origin Story

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Ayyyye whas happenin'! Thanks for comin' through, I'm ActionMF Jackson, Lit Life Coach x MF Monk!

Picked the ActionMF moniker up in the Navy, worked with this dude who'd be like "Action...Muthafuckin'...Jackson" every time he seen me as we'd dap it up and nod in solidarity cuz he knew wtf I was about...that muthafuckin' ACTION!

Anyways, like nine years ago at a business mastermind retreat I got to hang out with world-reknown spiritual leader Ananda Giri, a MONK monk!

Quick sidenote, a MONK monk means a traditional monk, whereas I'm The Muthafuckin' Monk, and there's massive difference! Aight back to the story!

At the end of the 4-day retreat I asked him what I could take from the experience and share with the world, and he told me "happiness."


Well I ain't say that but I was thinkin' it!

Anyways, later on it came to me that people were their happiest when they were being their most authentic selves, and living at their trillest.

Btw, trill is a combination of true and real, it's basically a term for authenticity.

But how you gonna live your truth if you're life is being run by someone elses energy?

How can you be who you came here to be if you're busy being scared to be yourself for fear of judgement from other mufuckas scared to be themselves?


So now I teach fine folks like yourself how to express fearlessly and authentically aka SHINE LIKE THE MUTHAFUCKIN SUUUUUN!



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